Bali Life Daycare & Kindy


Session Options

We are open 7:30am – 6:30pm Monday to Friday,
We are open 52 weeks per year and closed all National Public Holidays.

Full Time Long
Daycare for 0-4 years

7:30am - 6:30pm
Our Full Time (5 days a week) Full Day sessions, are booked and paid for one month in advance. This position allows children the opportunity to build bonds and relationships with carers and peers.

Part Time Daycare
0-2 years

5 hours flexible timing
Our Part Time positions are available for children 0-2years who may only need care for a portion of the days. These sessions are 5 hours maximum and can be flexible according to your needs and your child’s routine.

Morning Session
Daycare 2-6 years

8am -1pm
Our Morning Sessions capture all the play and education of the day and allows your child to sleep.

Kindy/TK Session

8am -11am
Our Kindy Only session allows families to receive High Quality Education from 8am - 11am.

Kindy + Part Time

8am -1pm
Our Kindy + PT sessions allow children an educational and fun morning whilst allowing them to rest at home in the afternoon.

Kindy + Full Day

7:30am - 6:30pm
Our Kindy + FT sessions allow families to convenience of Full Day care whilst still giving your child a High-Quality Kindergarten education.

Daycare Only

1pm - 6:30pm
For families that need care in the afternoon or for children that attend other TK/Kindy facilities.

Casual Care
0-4 years

Our Casual bookings are a daily option perfect for Holiday makers or perhaps when your full time carer is temporarily unavailable. Morning Session or full day options available.


When your regular school is on holidays, we can help you in caring for and educating your child. Special prices apply for Local School Holidays.


We provide the children with Morning Snack and Afternoon snack of fresh seasonal fruit. Parents provide lunch from home for their child or lunch can be ordered through our catering ahead of time. Lunch can be provided for around 30.000Rp per day. We have vegetarian and meat options available. As our catering is ordered from off site, all orders must be made before 9am.

We ask that children please do not bring candy/chocolate/lollies to Daycare. We teach children about healthy eating habits and want to model this to them. Occasionally we will celebrate Birthdays with Cake or another ‘sometimes food’ Children are always offered this after they have eaten their lunch. To respect all families and keep all children safe, children will not share food.


We encourage families to read all about us and decide if we fit the needs of your families and the goals for your child. After reading this information, send us a message and we can arrange a tour of our centre.