Bali Life Daycare & Kindy


Our Kindy program is based on the Indonesian Curriculum for TK A & TK B (Preschool & Kindergarten), but we add our own style to it. We use the content of the National Curriculum and team it with training that our staff have had from our Australian partners, to provide a modern and relevant Kindy program for your children. We want to do all we can to prepare your children for a successful and fruitful time in Primary school and beyond. The program is delivered in English with children learning additional vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesian.

My Day

Every Child is individually observed every month to ensure they are meeting developmental milestones whilst also recording their joys and interests at this special age. These are written in English by our experienced Educators and electronically sent to you with photos.

Monthly Learning Focus

Each Month parents will receive our topic for the month along with our plans for learning and experience. We appreciate any feedback you may have and any further topics or discussions you suggest.

Social Development

A healthy life includes discipline, confidence, teamwork and honesty.

Moral Development

Respect and appreciation for ourselves, for others and for our environment is important.

Skills Development

Skills learnt and acquired in Language, Music and Movement physical development and creativity. Skills established and matured like expression of emotions, problem solving skills and self help skills.

Cognitive Development

There is so much to learn in the world with people, technology, art & culture. We use our senses to observe, ask and collect information to play, learn and explore.

What is the difference ?

Amazing Asteroids (TK A)

Mighty Meteors (TK B)

Our monthly focus for both age groups are the same, but are explored differently. Our AA class will introduce and strive to lay a strong foundation for understanding in the topic like identification and vocabulary.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Every month we will complete an extra-curricular activity, something different from the usual learning. Like swimming, painting, traditional dance or music. We will advise what it is through our Monthly Learning Focus and WhatsApp message. We will also go out into the community several times a semester (with parent involvement encouraged) visiting various places of interest for the children around the Bukit and Bali.

Snacks & Nutrition

We offer the children fruit for morning snack, should your child prefer something else, we welcome families send a clearly labelled lunchbox of food your child can eat at this time. We ask Families to please support us in teaching your child about good Nutrition habits. We teach the children about  ‘Everyday Food’ & ‘Sometimes Food’. Therefore we ask that children please do not bring candy/chocolate/lollies to Daycare. Occasionally we will celebrate Birthdays with Cake or other ‘sometimes food’. Children are always offered this after they have eaten their lunch. To respect all families and keep all children safe, children will not share lunchbox food. 


We have a schedule for what the children should wear each day.

Monday & Tuesday

Formal Kindy Uniform (covered by Uniform Fee)


Formal Checkered Kindy Uniform (covered by Uniform Fee)


Traditional Balinese Dress (Families to provide)


Sports Uniform (covered by Uniform Fee)
Shoes are to be Black with white socks. (Sports shoes)

Shoes are removed for all indoor learning time. Please note students that are Kindy + Full Day, will change their clothes after lunch into their casual ‘play safe’ clothes.