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We are BaliLife Daycare & Kindy, the Bukit’s only Long Daycare Service. We offer Part Time & Full Time sessions for 0-6 years, with convenient opening hours 7:30-6:30pm. We are committed to our local area and her people. By entrusting us with the care of your child, you’re not only setting your child up for a great Future… but you’re investing into the future of local children.

At BaliLife Daycare & Kindy we recognise the diverse society that is Life in Bali, BaliLife Daycare & Kindy is committed to bringing Hope, Dignity and Purpose to the people of Indonesia. The ‘give back’ comes through the connection with BaliLife Foundation.

BaliLife Foundation is a Small Foundation with a Big Heart, currently with 3 major projects in Bali. The Children’s Home, The Street Centre and The Community Centre at Suwung TPA.

Through the profits of BaliLife Daycare & Kindy, we aim to see more children and families brought Hope by Providing basic needs to the underprivileged community, Dignity through Community based programs and initiatives teaching good morals and values; and Purpose through Training & giving skills for the future.

Long & Convenient Hours : Open 11+ hours per day.
We want to make your life as a parent more convenient that’s why we are offering educational long daycare from 7:30 – 6:30pm.
Educating and Caring for children from 6weeks - 6years
Our Curriculum, environment, routine and Educators work together to create an educational, safe fun learning environment.
Our Unique Kindy/ TK Program
Our Kindy program is based on the Indonesian Curriculum for TK A & TK B (Preschool & Kindergarten), but we add our own style to it. We use the content of the National Curriculum and team it with training that our staff have had from our Australian partners, to provide a modern and relevant Kindy program for your children. We want to do all we can to prepare your children for a successful and fruitful time in Primary school and beyond. The program is delivered in English with children learning additional vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesian.
Flexible booking arrangements according to your needs: Morning Sessions, Full Time, Part Time & Casual.
With your needs at the forefront of our business, we offer MONTHLY bookings, offering convenience and giving the power back to families.
Individualized Daily routines for our 0-2years
To make it just like home. We work in partnership with families to ensure that home routines are followed for each child in the 0-2years room. We believe that a child needs security in the rhythm of a routine, whether at home or in care.
English Early Reading program established & mentored by Australian leaders in Early Literacy Little Miracles.
Our team are mentored and trained by Australian Leaders of Early Literacy Little Miracles Childcare in their Teach Your Toddler to Read program. Little Miracles has a 90% success rate in sending children to Kindergarten reading. We will be introducing children to the basics of phonetic literacy in a fun and easy to learn way.
Our Daily Program is delivered in English.
Our staff lead the program in English giving your child a place to learn and improve their English. Even if your child can’t speak English now, they will be soon after joining our program.
Daycare with a Difference: profits go back into supporting Bali Life Foundation.
BaliLife Foundation aims to being Hope, Dignity and Purpose to the underprivileged children of Indonesia. BaliLife Daycare’s profits will flow back into the Foundation to provide a home for abandoned and surrendered children.

our team

Piter & Lyna Panjaitan

Founders of BaliLife Daycare

Piter and Lyna have had 2 successful careers in the corporate sector previously to directing BaliLife Foundation. With two young children, Piter and Lyna understand the complications that come with modern life in Bali, the need for dual incomes in a family home whilst also a safe, clean, enriched place for the children. Recognising this need Piter and Lyna set out to support families in this modern juggle by creating a BaliLife Daycare & Kindy.

Miss Bethany

Manager at BaliLife Daycare

Miss Bee, Manager at BaliLife Daycare & Kindy. Bethany has spent over 13 years in the Australian Childcare Industry with 9 of those years in various management roles including Centre Director, Procurement and Compliance. Bethany is excited to bring her experience as a solution to the growing need for formal care in Bali. Bethany is passionate about Indonesia and creating a high quality care environment for your child.

Miss Ika

Administrator & Secretary at BaliLife Daycare

Administrator and Secretary at BaliLife Daycare & Kindy. Previous to this she has worked for BaliLife Foundation for more than 10years. She brings with her a huge heart for children and great knowledge and experience of the Social and Education system.

Ika lives locally here in the Bukit with her Husband and baby Zoya.

Miss Yuli

Principal of our TK/Kindy Classes

Principal of our TK/ Kindy Classes. Miss Yuli ensures that all government standards and requirements are adhered to and met successfully.
Miss Yuli is Balinese, from Ungasan, living here with her husband and 2 children. She was one of our founding teachers when we opened in 2018.

our vision

Our Vision is to help children grow into creative, intelligent, independent individuals with good character from an early age.

our mission

  1. To help children discover their own creative potential
  2. To help children find and develop their own genius and intelligence
  3. To teach children how to become individuals who uphold a strong, positive character in their local community and environment.
  4. To assist children in becoming independent in their homes and communities.


Jl. Pura Masuka #77 Ungasan, Kuta Selatan, Bali 80361

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
7:30am - 6:30pm

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